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Ventus' Reports Kingdom Hearts: ... Ventus' Reports. After that bugs appeared when the virtual Daybreak Town connected to a new world, leading Ventus to deduce that they would have to explore that world to see what's there. ), is a fictional character from Square Enix's video game franchise Kingdom Hearts.Having first made cameos in Kingdom Hearts II and other related titles, Ventus was introduced in the 2010 prequel Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep as one of the three protagonists. He is shorter than his two older friends and has blond hair. Through means unknown, a version of him exists many years earlier in Daybreak Town , where he is one of the five Dandelions chosen to be a Union leader after the Keyblade War . Upon closer inspection, Ventus disappears. Terra and Aqua met Ventus with open arms. Following their workout, Aqua gives both Ventus and Terra good luck charms and tells them the story behind the charms. Sus versiones de Llaves Espada son más cortas en longitud en relación con Terra y Aqua. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. He also has a chunk of dull green and grey armor on his midsection that appears to be under his vest, and another piece of armor on his left shoulder. It was then that his heart began to heal and he started to form strong bonds of friendship with Terra and Aqua. Katakana To prevent this, Xehanort brought Ventus to Land of Departure, where he could train as an apprentice to Master Eraqus. Amable y jovial, Ventus se entrena bajo la tutela del maestro Eraqus junto a Terra y Aqua, con los que comparte un fuerte vínculo de amistad y una sana rivalidad. Ventus also has access to two unique Shotlocks, as well as a third just for storyline purposes. Los jugadores creían que Ventus cogió la personalidad de Roxas, pero esto en realidad fue al revés, ya que si Ventus nunca hubiera permanecido en el corazón de Sora, Roxas hubiera tenido otra apariencia. After a brief spat between the two boys, they, along with Aqua, spar in order to prepare for the Mark of Mastery exam the next day. After learning of his past, Ventus returns to Eraqus, only for his Master to try and destroy him upon realizing Xehanort's plans. Ventus was initially shocked at the facial similarities to Vanitas before realizing Sora was the very same person who saved his life after Vanitas's creation. Despite being comatose, Ventus was able to summon his Keyblade and lead Aqua back to the Land of Departure. Guerrero de la Llave Espada En el vídeo se muestra a Ventus en la lucha contra el Maestro Xehanort y Vanitas con sus compañeros y amigosAqua y Terra. However, once Vanitas leaves, via the Corridor of Darkness, Ventus hurries out to find his friend in hopes of giving him a warning. Ventus can use his natural affinity for acrobatics to unleash an extended version of the Ars Arcanum-Combo and exhibits advanced Keyblade-throwing abilities like Wind Raid, Spark Raid and Treasure Raid. Waking up afterwards, Ventus starts to cry, feeling guilt-ridden about what happened. Ventus also makes heavy use of his wind powers in his personal finishing commands, the Air Flair series and his ultimate finisher, Stratosphere. There, he encounters Vanitas again, who taunts Ventus into remembering how Master Xehanort broke their heart in twain. After facing several more Unversed along the way, Ventus encounters the Queen in the form of an old lady, and she tells Ventus that Terra threatened her with his Keyblade. 1, Ventus and the others listen to Brain's explanation about the phenomenon in the tower and how all the worlds were once real and connected but now virtual and fragmented as well as everyone being able to travel between them. After Master Xehanort successfully summons the χ-blade and unlocks Kingdom Hearts, Ventus, Terra, and Aqua regroup with the others. The Reversal command allows Ventus to quickly dodge an enemies attack and rush behind it, similar to the Reaction Command in Kingdom Hearts II used against the Dusk Nobodies. Ventus is a 15 year old boy who is in a trio with his friends Keith and Sophie. From his brave facial expression, which still retains an air of innocence, to the texture of his black-and-white themed costume, this figure faithfully portrays Ventus's in-game presence in 3D form. Shortly after defeating Randall in Monstropolis, Sora and co. are confronted by the revived Vanitas, who had sent the Unversed to that world in the hopes of re-completing his heart with negative emotions. Ventus and Terra reaching for Aqua in the intro. However, Mickey arrives on the scene and helps Aqua awaken. He wears a third layer under this, in the form of a plain, high-necked, black shirt. According to the Darkness, he had hidden a desire for wanting power, which is why Darkness possessed him into killing Strelitzia. En una nota interesante Ventus se parece mucho a Roxas. He later appears inside the research data that Ansem the Wise hid inside Sora a year ago, but Riku, having never met Ventus before, initially mistakes him for Roxas. In Birth by Sleep, Ventus's suit of armor shares the coloration of the pieces he normally wears, predominantly sporting shades of green and gold. Left with no other choice, Ventus leaves his home and begins a journey of his own. After the battle, Vanitas reveals his true intentions and explains that the Unversed came from his own emotions and negativity. As the Wooden Keyblade holds many cherished memories for Ventus, he puts it in the chest, believing his best memories with Terra and Aqua are still to come. Please see the Manual of Style and Editing Help before getting started. When Kairi guides Sora back to the Keyblade Graveyard, the group restarts their encounter with Terra-Xehanort, but when Terra-Xehanort attempts to attack Ventus, the Lingering Will intervenes, having been guided to the guardians of light by Naminé. Lea worries that Ventus will have forgotten about him like he did, but Kairi remains confident that Ventus will never forget Lea. Ventus es uno de los protagonistas de Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. When Sora runs into Xigbar at The World That Never Was, he remarks that Sora doesn't look like "half the hero" Terra, Ventus, and Aqua were. Together, the three of them shared the same dream: to become Keyblade Masters. His heart has become a part of mine now. Furthermore, he can use the Glide and Superglide abilities as well as another offensive version called Fire Glide. ! The collar of the jacket is red and pleated, again, similar to the collar on Roxas's own jacket. Mundo original Along with his kind personality, he also shows a lot of bravery, especially evident when he battles Vanitas for the final time, where he promises to fight for his friends no matter what, knowing the fact that he would lose his heart as a result. 5, While alone, Ventus asks Skuld her opinion on what Brain had said, with her suggesting that Brain knows what he's doing, but questioning why the Dandelions were allowed to avoid the Keyblade War when they were destined for ruin anyway. Fortunately, he is saved by Terra and sent to Destiny Islands, much to his displeasure. Su vestimenta es una mezcla de la ropa de Roxas y la de Sora en Kingdom Hearts II, con algunos detalles únicos del personaje, además parece tener la apariencia de Roxas y los sentimientos de Sora, aunque aún no se confirma si estos personajes tienen alguna relación. Unfortunately, Ventus arrives much too late, as Terra leaves to go on his mission. As Lea rambles about how confusing everything has become, Ventus calls him by name. Although Skuld doesn't offer much insight, Lauriam accepts this and worries that Strelitzia may have ended up fighting in the Keyblade War after all. 1, Lauriam soon joins them, but rather than wanting to discuss the Shift Pride, he asks Skuld what she knew of his sister, Strelitzia, explaining that Strelitzia had been looking for someone and was last seen entering the same building Skuld had just prior to the Keyblade War. ヴェントゥスヴェン By the time he became Master Xehanort's apprentice he was using Wayward Wind. Follow. Si una parte de él fue a parar a la joven, es lógico pensar que también lo … Upon leaving, Darkness leaves Ventus and poses as Ava, telling him that he is to be a future Union leader. Another example is in the opening video; Ventus is shown falling through a Station of the Dive to the Heart due to the Kingdom Key and Soul Eater shattering the pillar, in a similar way to how Sora and Roxas fall from shattered Stations at the beginning of their games. Although cheerful and bright, Ventus holds a mysterious past he seeks to recover on his quest to become a Keyblade Master. However, the time he spends with Aqua and Terra, as well as his amnesia, causes him to change. En el final de Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, se puede ver a Ventus sonriendo. Voz japonés After the exam, it is clear that Ventus has earned the interest of Master Xehanort and his apprentice, Vanitas. He also makes new friends easily in different worlds and cares deeply about Terra and Aqua. Skuld and Ephemer assure Ventus that they consider him a friend. Following Xehanort's defeat, Ventus journeys through the portal to Scala ad Caelum alongside the other guardians of light. First, Aqua tries to tell Ventus to go home, and then she and Terra get into a fight regarding the darkness and Eraqus's intentions. While they were there, they ran into Xehanort andVanitas . ventus" en Pinterest. After her return to the realm of light, Aqua has Sora, Donald, and Goofy accompany her to Castle Oblivion, intending to retrieve Ventus. Trapping Ven with several Floods, Vanitas merges with Ventus and takes over his body. Public Chatrooms . Aqua, Terra and Ventus holding their Wayfinders in the intro. Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)/Reader; Ventus (Kingdom Hearts)/Reader; Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) Ventus (Kingdom Hearts) Reader; Alternate Universe - High School; Alternate Universe; Teenage Drama; Romance; Explicit Language; Reader-Insert; reader - Freeform; Gay; Lesbian; No Kairi Bashing; All female characters are important and also good Both Ventus and Aqua are confident that they will find him and bring him back. Over time, he is inducted into the Dandelions by Ava to escape into the new world. 2. They both smile and look up to the sky while uttering Sora's name with a sense of renewed hope. When the dress is complete, Cinderella thanks Jaq and Ventus, and the two talk about their dreams. Underneath this, he wears what appears to be a grey vest with a single button and several white, angular patterns on it. She then asks Ventus to go home with her, but he refuses, remembering the cryptic warning left by Vanitas. In the end, he tells Aqua that she's let being a Master go to her head, and he leaves to find Terra again. Regarding Terra, Ventus reaffirms his promise to find him. Sora manages to release Riku's heart, alongside Aqua's and the others, battling the Lich time and time again in order to restore his fallen friends. The constant strain of remembering what happened to Strelitzia puts Ventus to sleep in his room. Terra-Xehanort tells them that they will lose this fight, that all their hearts will be torn apart one by one. Quest 920: Chocolate Monster Madness He and Skuld were led to a meeting by Brain and Ephemer. However, when they attempt to reach out to Terra, Xehanort uses the emotional bonds between them to create physical chains imprisoning them, and attempts to execute them with a brutal impact. Then he was pushed by Brain to remember his encounter with Master Ava, he clarified that they met at a dim light house, left together and talked on their way near the clock tower but couldn't remember anything else. Birth By Sleep también fue publicado junto a … Voz inglés During the exam, Master Xehanort rigs the test, and the orbs of light attack Ventus and his friends. When Ventus arrives, he is possessed by Darkness, who then use Ventus to strike down Strelitzia and steals her rulebook. Yen Sid then takes this opportunity to cast back the Heartless in order to allow the guardians of light to proceed, with Donald and Goofy staying behind in order to help. Aqua quickly realizes his heart has not returned yet. Kingdom Hearts Wiki es una comunidad FANDOM en Juegos. Ventus, also known as Ven, is one of the main protagonists in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. So even at the end of Birth By Sleep, Ventus should have a Nobody and Heartless created. Later, both Terra and Aqua join him. Though Ventus can come off as innocent and naive, he has shown that he isn't easily fooled, similar to Sora. When Ventus asks about stars and the light, Terra explains how each star is another world and compares the light to Ventus, who doesn't understand. Together, they face the Trinity Armor, but after its defeat, things change for the worse. Ventus's heart is returned to its body, and he launches himself at Vanitas, saving Aqua. Ventus is the one of the three playable characters in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Thanks to Kairi, Sora is able to maintain his existence in The Final World. Ventus's outfit is strikingly similar to Roxas's own Twilight Town clothes. He goes on to tell Kairi that he never told Roxas this, out of fear that he might disappear too, and that Ventus is one of the three missing Keyblade wielders that Sora and Riku are looking for. Goofy adds that Ventus's heart was lost after his fight with Vanitas years ago. He's left wondering just what it means to be friends, and after meeting Lea and Isa he becomes more and more curious about friendship. At the same time as Sora returning to Traverse Town and reuniting with his Dream Eater Spirit friends, Ventus slightly smiles from Sora's happiness. After a brief conversation, Ven asks Sora if he could stay with Sora while he slept, to which Sora happily accepted. Years later, Ventus awakens to a meteor shower and hurries out to look at the stars. Ventus's primary battle style consists of very fast, wide backhanded strikes with his Keyblade in quick succession to deal damage. Like Aqua, he wears two criss-crossing straps on his chest, on which he wears a silver Keyblade Master emblem. Ventus is later woken from his slumber and returns to training with Terra and Aqua in the Land of Departure, as well as being reunited with his Chirithy. Ventus has three exclusive Keyblades; his default Keyblade, Wayward Wind, along with Frolic Flame and Lost Memory. Ventus understood that Hercules just needed the right incentive and motivation. Mentioning that, even if they overwrite the Keyblade War, nothing would change, Brain resolves to become a virus to overwrite that destiny, then leaving to enter the control room. Overjoyed, Aqua quickly alerted Eraqus and a worried Terra about Ventus's recovery. Once the Keyblade War is over, he then meets the other members at the Keyblade Graveyard. A furious Lauriam demanded to know what he did, but the strain of remembering again leaves him unable to answer and falls unconscious, prompting the Darkness entity to emerge from him. At the beginning of his episode at the Land of Departure, Ventus falls asleep outside after watching a shooting star, and a little while later, he yawns, and then is startled to find Aqua standing over him, who giggles upon his reaction and teases him affectionately, mirroring how Kairi startled Sora awake in the original Kingdom Hearts. Once the memories return, Vanitas decides to give Ventus a reason to fight: Vanitas tells Ventus to come to the Keyblade Graveyard, the only place where the χ-blade can be forged, and threatens to kill Terra and Aqua to see if Ventus will continue to "play the pacifist." He wears a jacket that resembles a fusion of Roxas's jacket (white on the right side) and Sora's jacket in Kingdom Hearts II (black on the left side), also reminiscent of the Yin and Yang symbol. When Ephemer admits that he wants to follow the rules, the vote is in favor of the Shift Pride. In his dormant state his aging ceased but after Sora gained the Keyblade he started aging equivalent of Sora, … After Vanitas departs, Ventus reunites with Aqua and meets Sora face to face for the first time. Ephemer then explains that he intends on having wielders compete against the data versions of their comrades to avoid a clashing of hearts, admitting that Lauriam had given him the idea. When touching the piece of armor on his shoulder, Ventus becomes fully clad in armor. Su vestimenta es una mezcla de la ropa de Roxas y la de Sora en Kingdom Hearts II, con algunos detalles únicos del personaje, además parece tener la apariencia de Roxas y los sentimientos de Sora, aunque aún no se confirma si estos personajes tienen alguna relación. The armor on his knee is gold and bears a sharp, upward-pointing hook on the outer side of each one. When he gives them their passes to Disney Town, he grudgingly mentions that Scrooge McDuck told him to "take two grown-ups," but he doesn't seem to dislike his status as the youngest of the three. As a result, Ventus shows a rebellious side when he constantly refuses Aqua's suggestions, later orders, to return home. Ventus becomes very defensive, telling Vanitas that he doesn't know the first thing about Terra. Ventus Quest 935: Heartless in the Hideout Pt. Unfortunately, this also damages Ventus's heart and causes it to flee his body, leaving him in a comatose state. During a training session, Ventus loses humiliatingly, but Terra and Aqua reassure Ventus that he was getting stronger. Thus, Ventus decides to continue his travels with a new resolve. As time went on, Terra and Ventus grew close, forming a strong bond. He had deciphered part of Ansem's Code and discovered that Sora has three unique hearts within his body aside from his own. He was a Keyblade wielder before Sora ever became one, and was apprenticed to both Xehanort and Eraqus. Kōki Uchiyama. Together, the three fight off the orbs, and the exam continues. After some time, Ventus joins Terra, Aqua, reunited with the others on the Destiny Islands to celebrate their victory. Vanitas appears, having followed them with the intention of taking Ventus' heart for himself. Issues: Revise KHUX section, rewrite so it's not script regurgitation and fix grammar. At Brain's suggestion that a Dandelion should go, Ventus becomes shocked that Player offers to go, but feels more at ease when Ephemer went Player. Later on, Mickey tells Yen Sid that they may be close to finding Ventus's heart. Ventus utiliza la llave espada de una forma propia, cogiéndola por la empuñadura pero con la punta hacia atrás. Four years before Aqua and Terra take their Mark of Mastery exam, Ventus served as an apprentice to Master Xehanort, as part of the elderly Keyblade Master's plans to forge the legendary χ-blade. Meeting up with Aqua again, Ventus asks to come along, but Aqua orders him to return to the Land of Departure in a somewhat harsh manner. With everything as it should be, Sora uses the χ-blade to bring them all back to the realm of light. The significance of this scene has yet to be revealed, since Terra is trapped inside Terra-Xehanort, Ventus is inside Castle Oblivion and the Land of Departure is itself Castle Oblivion. Quest 870: Clock Tower Investigation Pt. With their clash against the seekers of darkness imminent, Aqua and Ventus take time to stargaze outside. The guardians of light are subsequently separated by Xehanort when he creates the Skein of Severance between them. It was hinted Ventus's memories were rushing into Roxas as Roxas complained about "so much being rushed into his head". Quest 925: To the Kart Bakery Pt. Quest 665: Target: Blitz Spear Pt. Blank Points. Ventus, often going by Ven, is a Keyblade wielder in the Kingdom Hearts series. In the present day, Ventus has many similarities with Sora: he is sweet, cheerful, curious, and gets excited at anything new or interesting. Her suspicions are confirmed when Terra's hair goes from brown to white, revealing himself to be Terra-Xehanort. Quest 846: More Heartless in Daybreak Town Pt. But they had no way to know for sure as the connection between the data and the real world had been cut suggesting that something or someone had their own plans. His name means "wind" in Latin, similar to how Sora's name is Japanese for "sky". He wears a jacket that resembles a fusion of Roxas's jacket (white on the right side) and Sora's jacket in Kingdom Hearts II (black on the left side), also reminiscent of the Yin and Yang symbol. Ventus's pants are also similar to the pants Roxas wore, though Ventus's balloon outward slightly before closing up about halfway down his legs, similar to caprice pants. He is the youngest of the trio formed by himself, Terra and Aqua. Ventus was sent to the Dive to the Heart, where he came in contact with the heart of a newborn Sora. Ventus and Aqua hold their Wayfinders to the sky, promising to share their stories with Terra after they save him. Some time later, Ventus woke up. However, Ventus grabs his head in pain where he vaguely sees Strelitzia dying horrified that he may have done something to her, but was comforted by Brain as they plan to tell Lauriam about his sister's intended role back at the clock tower. Under the presence of Darkness posing as Master Ava, he was possessed by the dark influence and yet didn't kill Strelitzia but instead took her rulebook after the Darkness killed Lauriam's sister and left the house. Hearing the story of the duo's adventure as well as mentioning what they saw and believing the Darklings were behind the glitches more what Brain suspected earlier turned out to be true they were put in a data version of Daybreak Town with Ventus asking if the real one hadn't dissappeared. Posee una personalidad sabia, que tiene muchas similitudes con Sora, que es alegre, curioso, y se entusiasma en algo nuevo o interesante. The charms, also known as Wayfinders, were gifted with a powerful magic that formed an "unbreakable connection". As this happens, Vanitas and Ventus engage in a metaphysical battle, where Vanitas tries to complete his fusion with Ventus and complete the χ-blade. The two introduce themselves to one another, and Mickey tells Ventus about how the Star Shard allows him to travel to different worlds. He'd seen himself, with Aqua and Ventus, and the three of them were smiling, laughing at some joke the future him wasn't telling the present him. Ventus sleeps on a bench outside in the Land of Departure before Terra wakes him by approaching him. 3, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack,, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance characters, Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- characters, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory characters. 1, Quest 851: More Heartless in Daybreak Town Pt. Master Xehanort, disguised in a black coat, then took Ventus to the Destiny Islands to allow him to live out his last days peacefully. nebu-laika. Ventus tiene un peculiar modo de empuñar la Llave Espada, ya que la maneja del reverso. Quest 675: Master Aced, After the final Union leader, Lauriam, arrives, the Union leaders go to Daybreak Town and enter the Foretellers' Chamber. Ven shares the same heart with Vanitas, a evil villian. Ventus is also alluded to many times by Xemnas, who desperately seeks to find him in the Chamber of Waking due to discovering that Ventus is a Keyblade wielder of old. With Hook out of the way, he also retrieves the Star Shard from Tinker Bell after a little persuasion from Peter, only to be whisked away to the Mysterious Tower. 5, When the time comes to discuss the matter of the Shift Pride, Ephemer calls a meeting between the Union Leaders. 6, Left alone with Brain and Skuld, Ventus periodically looks to Brain as he reads from the copy of the Book of Prophecies. They identify two of them as Roxas and Ventus, but do not realize the third heart is Xion's. His boots are rather odd when compared to Aqua's and Terra's, as they resemble an armored version of normal street shoes in shades of dull green and grey. They eventually watch the restored Kairi and Sora from afar as Sora disappears. Using his wind affinity, Ventus can use Tornado Strike to sweep his opponents away. Aqua, Terra, and Ventus then share in a tearful reunion, happy to be together again for the first time in over a decade. Terra-Xehanort wonders if Ventus is in the Chamber of Waking and, when questioned by Aqua, begins to reveal his identity. Rather than search for Terra and Aqua, he decides to go out and make some new friends in hopes of redefining his simplistic views of friendship. Quest 851: More Heartless in Daybreak Town Pt. 2, Then, Ventus was disappointed that he wasn't chosen to be a Union leader despite everyone believing his innocence. Ventus bears an uncanny resemblance to Roxas, bearing identical facial features. Quest 730: Target: Silver Hammer Frame Pt. This χ-blade will open a door---one that leads to all worlds! Responder a: Ventus. Aqua attempts to protect Ventus by herself, but gets injured after taking a blast from Vanitas. As the youngest of the three Keyblade warriors, Ventus is often protected by Terra and Aqua, and thus feels disappointed whenever they refuse to allow him to join them on their missions because they do not want to put him in danger. Ventus/Vanitas: Correct, I am not Ventus. Cuando Xemnas esta hablando con la armadura de Aqua en la Cámara del Sueño, esta le debió contar donde se ubicaba Ventus, por eso manda a Marluxia y a los demás al Castillo del Olvido para encontrar la Cámara del Despertar donde esta dormido Ventus. After sharing a glance with Roxas upon noticing their similarity, Ventus aids Sora in trapping Xehanort, who acts as a portal himself due to his existence transcending both space and time - something his younger self had unintentionally revealed to Riku during the Mark of Mastery. The second exclusive Command Style, Cyclone, is a powerful 2nd level Command Style which has Ventus use his wind powers to attack with wide-ranged spinning slashes in all directions. Xehanort decided that Ventus could still be of use in his master plan, but with Ventus still too weak in comparison to Vanitas, the two boys could not be trained under him since Vanitas had a naturally strong impulse to destroy Ventus. Refusing to believe this, Ventus leaves in hopes of finding Terra, wondering what's gotten into him. Some time after Marluxia's recruitment, Zexion and Xigbar discussed how Xemnas ordered the construction of the Chamber of Repose and how he seals himself in there talking to his "friend", which in reality was Aqua's discarded armor. In the Dwarf Woodlands, he helps Snow White escape the woods and guides her to the Dwarfs' home. Porque Ven fue uno de los primeros elegidos de la Llave Espada y por eso Roxas, que es la parte del corazón de Ven puede usar las Llaves Espada Prometida y Recuerdos Lejanos ya que en la Llave Prometida se encuentra la promesa de Terra, Aqua y Ven al igual que la promesa de Kairi, Sora y Xion y Roxas, y la Llave Recuerdos Lejanos se acumulan los recuerdos felices de Sora y Ven, por eso Roxas y Ven son iguales. ), commonly referred to as Ven (ヴェン? Ventus is mentioned by Lea while he is talking with Kairi. These two spells are Tornado and Faith. El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo. In the Realm of Darkness, Aqua encounters a vision of Ventus sleeping in Snow White's glass coffin. Zerochan has 47 Ventus anime images, wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Upon his arrival, Ventus meets Donald Duck and Goofy, who take him to speak with Yen Sid. Before the enigma can finish her off, Ventus uses all of his willpower to thaw out of his frozen state and encounters Vanitas. Through his dreams, Ventus finally remembered what happened to her. Braig quickly appears and fights Aqua. They further discussed that the Chamber of Repose is one of a pair, with the Chamber of Waking being the other and that is where Xemnas would find Ventus, whom Xigbar referred to as his other "friend". Out of the main protagonists of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Ventus is the fastest and most agile, which reflects in his primary fighting style of dodging, quick movements and swift combo attacks.

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